Matrix Scaffolding was established in 2005 and is a leading Maltese company specializing in the erection of both tube and fitting, and system access scaffolding.

At the same time Matrix Scaffolding ensures to meet the ever increasing demands of a safety conscious marketplace where Matrix Scaffolding takes pride in a solid commitment to health and safety,

Matrix Scaffolding adopts a Quality Management System based on the requirements of MSA EN ISO 9001:2015. Subsequently Matrix Scaffolding has established the following strategic objectives to be pursued through the Quality Management System:
  • Long Term Vision
    • To stand out for the unparalleled reputation for abiding by all regulations;
    • To ensure that no risks or shortcuts are taken when it comes to the health and safety of employees and clients alike;
    • To be aware of the dangerous nature of the work by taking the necessary health and safety measures;
    • To maintain a solid reputation within the scaffolding industry this is reflected through several repeat and loyal customers.
  • Transparency
    • To keep promises with both clients and suppliers;
    • To establish honest and transparent relationships built on mutual trust.
  • Quality
    • To go the extra mile to initially understanding the customer requirements;
    • To provide tailored solutions to satisfy the customer requirements in the most cost effective way in the agreed time frame / deadlines;
    • To continuously improve the quality management system and the overall management of Matrix Scaffolding;
    • To constantly nurture the culture of good quality and continuous improvement across Matrix Scaffolding.
  • Resources
    • To ensure the correct and adequate competences of the employees;
    • To deliver on-going training to the employees to ensure that clients are provided with a safe and professional service;
    • To encourage the development of strong personal relations between the employees of Matrix Scaffolding and also with the employees of the suppliers and the customers.

Matrix Scaffolding is totally committed to maintain a Quality Management System based on the requirements of MSA EN ISO 9001:2015 and it is mandatory that all employees and suppliers accept this responsibility and comply with the specified requirements.